Sunday, November 13, 2011

LASIK Enhancements

Most patients will enjoy excellent vision after their LASIK procedure. A study by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery shows that more than 95 percent of patients who have undergone LASIK surgery are pleased with their new vision.
But not everyone will achieve perfect, 20/20 vision after just one procedure. And achieving perfect vision can be an illusive goal.
Each patient has unique variables and different degrees of vision needs that may affect their satisfaction with their visual outcome. Are you a perfectionist? Maybe you should consider a a pair of night time driving glasses if this is the only time you notice difficulty with your vision. If you are not satisfied with your vision after LASIK eye surgery, you are not necessarily "stuck" with the results after a single procedure. In some instances, an additional eye surgery — (often termed a "LASIK enhancement") — to give you the sharpness of vision you desire may be advisable..
LASIK enhancements are more common among patients over 40 years of age and those with high refractive errors. Because vision can fluctuate during the first few weeks after your LASIK procedure, (due to such factors as healing and dry eyes), it is usually advisable to wait at least 3 weeks before undergoing a LASIK enhancement.
Do not assume, that just because your vision is not "perfect" that you will need an enhancement. LASIK enhancements are generally quite successful but not always advisable. Seek the counsel of your LASIK eye surgeon and ask him what the risks and benefits of a second procedure are.